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Ventilation in your roof space is the key to keeping your roof cooler in summer and dry in winter. If you need Commercial Roof Ventilation or Residential Roof Ventilation, we will create the solution for you. In summer if there is no ventilation in your roof space this will affect the performance of your insulation on the ceiling as the insulation will keep the heat even after the sun has gone down and the roof is cooling down its just doing its job. If you put ventilation in the roof manual or mechanical this will help the roof cool down faster and help the insulation cool down faster. What does this mean in Winter though, in winter if your roof does not have ventilation there can be excessive amounts of condensation build up in the roof and cause mold on your insulation and ceiling.

With the aid of ventilation, the air flow can reduce the amount of condensation in the roof keeping it dry. Our team can explain all your options in the free measure and quote service we provide to all our customers.