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There are many different models of attic or Loft ladders on the market, these models are the quality Attic Ladders that are in our Mid-Range.

These quality Attic Ladders have a large range of use and are well suited for accessing the roof space a couple of times a year to check that your roof is healthy and pest control to more frequent use.

These Mid-Range Attic Ladders give you safe easy access to your roof space and Roof Space Storage area all year round without having to get the ladder out of the shed and leaning it up against the wall or manhole frame.

These models are well suited for occasional use 3-4 times a month to access Roof Space Storage Areas in the roof weather it’s a Basic Roof Storage area or a Clean Roof Space Storage Area.

Have you ever had someone access your manhole only to leave dirty fingermarks on the manhole cover? This is a great range of ladders to ensure this does not happen again as the ladders are all controlled with a hook and pole system for ease of use eliminating fingerprints.