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Attic Ladders can be installed by anyone with an understanding of how the structural members of your roof are supported. We offer all of our ladders assembled and ready for DIY Installation. However, the higher the ceiling the larger the ladder the heavier and more complicated the installation can be. We offer obligation free measure and quote service to all of our clients unlike other DIY outlets like Bunnings and the like, this is one of the key points that sets us apart from other Attic Ladder Companies. We can generally install your choice of attic ladder supplied by us or others within 2-4hrs approximately depending on the condition of the ceiling. Installation can be very different depending on the ceiling type and the roof construction you have for example if you have a house under 5 years old with a gyprock ceiling truss roof and 2400mm or 8ft ceiling height this can be installed within 2 hrs.

If you have an older period style home with 10-12ft 3000-3600mm ceiling with Lathe & plaster that has hair line cracks in it, this could take a bit longer around the 4hrs to complete as there is a lot of skill required to cut into the older ceilings and you are also working very high on a ladder. This type of home and ceiling also has a likely chance of having a large amount of dust in the ceiling space and we implement ways of making sure to contain the dust to the specific room we are in and make sure that its cleaned up on completion. These installations are always recommended to be completed by us as we work with our clients to make sure that your Attic ladder will be installed professionally on time and leave your house cleaner than when we arrive.

We are a licensed SA building company with over 18 years building experience and knowledge, so we can ensure your choice of attic ladder is installed correctly and safely Our Company is fully insured with 20mil public liability insurance and our team of carpenters and contractors are all licensed.