Adelaide Attics and Skylights started from our building company Brenley Constructions when we started installing Attic ladders and skylights in 2010. We soon realized that these products have a huge positive impact on people’s lives and we get great motivation and satisfaction from this. Since then We have installed hundreds of Attic ladders and hundreds of skylights for our customers.

The foundation of our business is built on having products and services that actually improves the quality of peoples lives and we are proud that our services do just that.

Our Attic ladders are sourced from a wide range of suppliers then we install the Ladders professionally so that even the basic ladders are safe and easy to use so that you do not have to bring the ladder from the shed in and scratch the floor, dint the walls and have it slip on you as you try to climb up in the roof.

We custom build our storage platforms and clean storage rooms so our customers don’t have to pay for expensive external storage sheds they can have purpose storage in their roof that has been un unknown potential gold mine of storage space.

Our knowledge of skylights and ventilation exceeds most and are able to create custom gyprock light shafts on angles to bring in more light or keep is straight and square for that architectural look. We really do lighten up your life.

Why should you choose us for your storage, skylight or roof access needs?

We are focused on installing products not just sales which means we are focused on building a relationship with our customers and finding products that have solutions for their needs.

We only use the best products sources from the best manufacturers around the world to ensure that our customers receive products that suit them not just what we have in the shelf.

We are a family business that is owned and operated in South Australia and we support local South Australians.

We are a SA licensed building company with a two story residential and two story commercial builders license and supervisors license for two story residential and two story commercial which is more important.

We are not just carpenters that do this on the side.

We are passionate about helping our clients come up with a solution to their problems and know what products are suited to their needs.

We have the ability and the communication skills to work with clients, builders, architects and designers to ensure that the clients get more than they expect

We are very creative and think outside the box when it comes to utilizing space in small roof spaces, gaining natural light in your desired room and making a feature out of it.

Our team are looking forward to meeting you and solving your Attic Storage, Roof ventilation and Natural lighting needs.