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Attic Ladders are a safe and easy way of accessing roof spaces. Traditional access through a (manhole) can be dangerous if your ceiling is high or the manhole is in a hard to reach area like a bathroom or small wardrobe.

There are many different reasons why we need to access our roof spaces, we need access to maintain electrical and plumbing services in the roof. Also, the addition of new lighting or plumbing, it might just be for pest control spiders and mice.

Generally, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof space at least once a year to maintain a healthy roof, make sure all the insulation in neat and not disturbed, check for any leaks inside the roof and control any pests inside the roof.

You may even want to put some storage in the roof space this means you will need a good quality Attic Ladder to make sure the process of accessing your storage is fast easy and safe.

Unlike a Bunnings attic ladder we can come to you and give you an obligation free measure and quote for the right Attic Ladder and roof storage option that suits your budget and needs.